John Chekwa

With a Masters in Biotechnology & Health, Chekwa has extensive knowledge about therapies, clinical research, drug development initiatives, and medical device innovations. With a Journalism course under her belt, Chekwa has taken to journalism and offers an incisive analysis of carbon credits, renewables such as solar and wind, and technologies that make these work. She also looks at research and development in these fileds and analysis wide-ranging impact that these might have across regions. She is a prolific writer who has also been an editor for more than 5 years, honing her editorial skills in some of the renowned national and global media houses.

John Whaley

John holds a degree in Electronics & Communication with Masters in Mass Communicaiton. With this hybrid educational background, he is passionate about writing about technologies covering Networking and Communication, Telecommunications Systems, Data communication, and Networking devices. He has been offering unbiased reviews on research and development activities related to Network Security and Internet of Things in Communication Technologies. He also likes to simplify arcane topics such as Quantum Internet & Industrial Communication and through his writings seeks to lay bare niche applications areas to the readers. In many of his contributions, he has simplified the labyrinths of technologies for the not so techno-savvy audiences

Nicole Baker
System Administrator
Hold a degree in computer science from Cyprus University of Technology