Kyle Rittenhouse not Guilty : US Teen found not guilty in Kenosha protest shootings

By | November 19, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse not Guilty : US Teen found not guilty in Kenosha protest shootings.

A jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges in the shooting deaths of two men and wounding of a third at a Wisconsin protest against racial injustice last year

Several people have taking to social media to voice their frustration after the ruling.

Reacting to the verdict, a man who identified himself as Jarvis Rainbow wrote, I knew that rotten punk Kyle Rittenhouse was going to walk. When that judge dismissed the gun charges and it took the jury 4 days to deliberate, it was going to be a not guilty verdict. I hope his demons follow him everywhere he goes. White tears and acting will you a free pass.

Stephanie wrote Verdict not guilty for rotten Kyle Rittenhouse who took the lives of two white men who were protesting police brutality and racial Injustice. He will go on to be a troll and cause celeb for the right wing promoting violence everywhere he goes for the rest of his life.

Of course Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty. The evidence exonerating him was overwhelming. Now, will the activists riot — while pretending this is about white supremacy?

Tori Dennis wrote : Let me fix all these headlines for you:
Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of murder as he was defending himself with the gun he has a right to own against 2 people who beat him to the ground and a third who also had a gun.

Toy Slaughter wrote
Ain’t no fucking way Bruh ….. Fuck this shit y’all sumn must be done about the constant fucking injustice! We always yell it nw it’s time to do it! If we don’t get it! Fire Shut Fire It Fire Down Fire

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts

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