Federal Agents And Protesters Continued to Clash in Portland

Rioters go inside the barrier protecting the Portland Federal Courthouse

Federal agents and protesters continued to clash in Portland, Oregon as of today July 24, 2019.

A twitter user who identified himself as Andy Ngô, shared a video clip of protesters  inside the barrier protecting the Portland federal courthouse.

He wrote “Rioters go inside the barrier protecting the Portland federal courthouse and fan the flames of the fire they started. #PortlandRiots. Video by @VenturaReport “


The New York Times reported that Trump have deployed USAF ‘Wolfhound’ Special Operations Plane “The C146A”  to Seattle, Washington State, getting ready to combat peaceful protester with a weapon only used by special operations forces for counter-terrorism operations. That weapon as it appear in now deployed on Americans inside the United States.
The video below show Trump’s federal officers beating an unarmed protester in Portland.


Anne Applebaum, a staff writer for the Atlantic, says the use of federal force in Portland is “performative authoritarianism.” “That’s designed to appeal to a certain kind of voter who wants to see this control put onto contemporary events.

Reacting to that story by the Atlantic , a man who identifies himself as Silver Ferbs on twitter wrote “He already HAS split the country into two. That’s the entirety of his political strategy. The question is which of the two has the numbers AND shows up to vote in contested states to get to 270.”


Supporting Trump’s actions in Portland, @Serafinos wrote “Correction If President Trump loses — what’s happening in Portland will be every city across the nation because Democrats and idiot newspapers like the Atlantic appease the mob rule, who do nothing but demand more and more. You literally are inciting them”

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