Video : Nicki Minaj & Ex Meek Mill Get Into a Verbal Fight at a Clothing Store

Entertainment (Market News) : Video : Nicki Minaj & Ex Meek Mill Get Into a Verbal Fight at a Clothing Store 

It was a chaotic environment when former lovers , Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj ran into each other at a clothing store in West Hollywood , Los Angeles, California on Friday January 24.

Nicki and her new husband Kenneth Petty were casually browsing around the store when they bumped into Meek. According to a report by TMC.

TMZ Also released the following video clip showing a chaotic environment inside the West Hollywood as Nicki and her Ex Husband rain insult on each other.

Video : Nicki Minaj & Ex Meek Mill
Nicki Minaj & Ex Meek Mill Get Into a Verbal Fight


This story generated a lots of reactions on social media. The following are some reactions captured on twitter.

What’s the 4 11 with Meek Mill Fighting with Nicki Minaj & her Husband at the store ? The Maks is on the Line ? THE Philly Goons too omfg .

Nicki!!!!! Noooo. Meek it’s over, you’re the past get it she don’t want you just go find something to do!!!!! #NickiMinaj #MeekMill #petty

Y’all how bout I was just on the nigga live who ran into Nicki Minaj. He was sucking Mad Meek Mill dick. He even said that he would’ve shot up Nicks Husband. Then the niggas said meek would’ve gave him a dream chasers change, then he started playing meek songs. Lame ass nigga

El machismo que manejan como para culpar a Nicki Minaj por esto me da asco… Expliquenme qué culpa tiene de que su ex (Meek Mill) sea un tóxico que a +3 años de haberse separado y estando casada la siga buscando y haciendo bardo con todos los hombres que se le acercan

I’m sorry but I do NOT believe Meek Mill still wants Nicki Minaj . I think SHE thinks he still wants her bc that’s the type of person she is. But I genuinely think Safaree, Meek, Nas, and anyone on the low are all people that don’t miss her .

This #MeekMill and #NickiMinaj argument at the clothes store is the real Love and Hip Hop shit I be trying to see go down. Like real celebrities going at it with there exes and making a big commotion. And us thinking they must be secretly still feeling each other lol

Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, And Her Husband Reportedly Had A Verbal Fight –
Nicki Minaj may have married her long-time boyfriend Kenneth Petty earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean she’s solved all her problems with her exes. Though she and Meek Mill split in 2017, it seems …

Meek Mill is clearly not over Nicki Minaj and Kenneth clearly has some insecurity about Meek cus what’s the point of arguing ? Lmfao wtf this shit weird.

Its weirdo seeing these Nicki Minaj stans talk as if Meek Mill was stalking her like the reports didn’t clearly say they walked in after he was already there. I ain’t even have to open shit up to see that. These stans stay goofy.

This isn’t the first incident where meek mill has popped up on them. Nicki Minaj is a married woman that’s disrespectful. Meek is literally stalking her.

The only reason I care about this Meek mill Nicki Minaj situation is the shots I KNOW Nicki is gonna take. Her next album she is gonna DRAG that man.

Nicki Minaj’s p*ssy that good that she has Meek Mill & his entourage following her into jewelry shops to yell at her new man? What is going

Nicki Minaj herself addressed the fact that her and Meek Mill were supposedly past everything that happened between them so for Meek to even try that stuff with Kenneth was lame and stupid. That’s clown behaviour

Talk behind my back but when they see me it’s respect tho‼️ Meek how you gone diss tf outta they relationship and try to apologize like nigga gtfo pussy ass #NickiMinaj #meekmill #kennethpetty

keep y’all musty ass mouths off nicki minaj g. that woman ain’t did shit but be genuine and hold her crown as one of the best rappers in GENERAL to ever do it. meek mill a clown and he angry. he hoped on the nicki hate train when shit when left. he probably NEVER liked her.

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