Pickering, Ontario Nuclear Emergency Alert Issued.


It was not clear what the alert was all about but some resident of the area reacted to the alert on social media.

Harinder Takhar wrote 
FWIW, I am near Toronto and I measured the radiation and it is normal, ie – what it used to be. I’m mentioning it since people will obviously freak out having recently watched Chernobyl. 0.01 mR per hour is very well within normal cosmic background radiation.
John Baker wrote 
“…DO NOT need to take precautionary action”. Isn’t this how you get spidey senses tingling? Maybe bird, cat, doggie senses tingling after a bite as well???
Sara wrote 
Natasha, there are some rumor that at least 6 nuclear scientists were among Ukraine passengers. It is said they wanted to escape or immigrate. some says their numbers were more. If true, Was shooting down the plane a mistake?

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