Nikki Catsura Car Accident : Nikki Catsura Death Photographs.

Death – Obituaries : (MARKET NEWS) – Nikki Catsura Car Accident : Nikki Catsura Death Photographs :

In loving memory of Nikki Castsuras , the 18 year old girl who died in a fatal car accident in California, in 2006. This year mark 13 years since her death.

Just days after 18 year old Nikki Catsuras’s death in a horrifying car crash in 2006, her father received an email with a picture of the bloody accident scene and the caption “Woohoo! Hey daddy, I’m still alive!”

Nikki Catsura Car Accident : Nikki Catsura Death Photographs.

A cruel stunt including nine horrifying pictures of the fatal crash that claimed her life  spread on the the internet and social media, and a phony Myspace page was set up in Nikki’s name where she was known as a “moronic bitch”. Commentors composed things like, “That ruined rich young lady merited it” and “What a misuse of a Porsche” because she was driving Posche when the accident happened.

How did the pictures get leaked to the internet and social media?

Two California Highway Patrol dispatchers were to be blamed. A lawyer of theirs said that he sent the pictures to family members and companions “as a wake up call” to caution them about the dangers of the road. “Any young person that sees these photos and is goaded into driving more cautiously or less recklessly-that’s a public service.”


Nikki’s family sued the CHP for carelessness, protection intrusion and for bringing the family emotional harm, yet a judge rejected the case as it had no legitimate premise to deal with. The Catsuras family appealed the case but they lost the legal battle again.

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Nikki Catsura Car Accident : Nikki Catsura Death Photographs.
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