Lauren Poirier Death, Obituary : Cottage Hospital Employee Dies.

Death – Obituaries : (MARKET NEWS) – Family and friends are mourning the death of Lauren Poirier, a Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital employee who tragically died yesterday 11th December 2019 .

Lauren Poirier Death, Obituary : Cottage Hospital Employee Dies.

Cause of Death.

We have no information at the moment on what caused the death of Lauren Poirier. This post will be updated as soon as we have that information.


The following are some tributes posted on social media to honor the life and the legacy of the deceased.

David Acosta wrote

The first time I ever met Lauren Poirier. Almost 8 years ago now in Vegas celebrating my 24th birthday on Valentines day. At the time it seemed like an unlikely way to meet someone. My best friend was dating a friend of hers when she was dating that friend of hers brother…Little did I know the role she would end up playing in my life later on.

Right off the bat Lauren was very easy going and easy to get along with. The first thing that stood out to me about her was her genuineness and how down to earth she was, a combination of traits that are difficult to come across in people in my opinion.

Real recognized real. She was such a character it was difficult to not notice her and definitely stood out even in a room full of people. I just had NO CLUE why we were meant to cross paths besides a “random coincidence” of having mutual friends.

Fast forward 4 years later, I end up landing a job at Cottage hospital. I was the new xray tech who didn’t really know anyone in the ER and unfortunately still carried the cursed inherited childhood personality trait of shyness. When Lauren first spotted me she remembered and acknowledged me as if not 1 day had passed since the last time we had seen eachother.

She was the first in the ER Cottage team to make me feel welcomed and I was so relieved and thankful when she approached me. If it wasn’t for her who knows how long it would have taken for someone else to have made me feel welcomed or for me to step out of my comfort zone and initiate conversations with other ER staff.

Whenever Christmas parties came around whether it was the hospital Christmas party or the ER Christmas party I often times showed up alone. Thankfully for many of those times Lauren was there to save the day once again sparing me from the embarrassing social awkwardness of not really knowing anyone too well and looking like a loner that no one else would bother to save.

Just last year she came to my rescue both for the Cottage Christmas party and the ER Christmas party. I did nothing to deserve her friendship and kindness but she handed it out freely out of pure love. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, the world needs more people like Lauren.

I will forever be grateful to you for your genuine love and friendship. I will forever remember you. Cottage hospital will never be the same without you. I’m so sorry for never taking you up on that offer to do another Vegas trip …. Till we meet again old friend… RIP

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Death – Obituaries : Rebecca Lynn Koorsen of Glenshaw PA Killed in Car Accident.

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