US Diplomat Wife Car Crash: Anne Sacoolas Fled to U.S After Killing Harry Dunn in Accident.

US Diplomat Wife Car Crash: Anne Sacoolas Fled to U.S After Killing Harry Dunn in Accident.

The family of Harry Dunn, the teenager who was killed in a fatal car accident involving the wife of a U.S diplomat is considering suing the United States Government.

Dunn was killed in road incident near RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire on August 27.

Harry Dunn
Harry Dunn

The young man was killed in a head on collision after Anne Sacoolas , wife of a U.S diplomat drove on a wrong way and hit Dunn who was riding his bicycle.

She has since fled the country after she was told to leave the UK by US embassy officials.


The Spokesperson of the United States Embassy in London has reached out to us to correct this story. According to the spokesperson, the woman who’s reckless driving led to the death of Harry Dunn was not Suzanne Ircha Johnson as previously reported.

We receive the following statement from the Embassy.

I am one of the spokespeople for U.S. Embassy London. For privacy and security reasons I cannot reveal the name of the driver in this article (, but I can confirm unequivocally that it was not Suzanna Ircha Johnson, as incorrectly stated in your article. Please correct the article…I can be reached at … (for privacy we won’t reveal the email address).

In view of the above statement, we have done some research and found an article that revealed the name of the Americal woman involved in this accident as detailed below.

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  1. Need sources on the accident report the woman’s age as 42. Isn’t Ircha a little older than this? Are we certain that it’s her?

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