Houston Police Officer Shooting : Officer Shot and Killed Unarmed Black Woman

Houston, Tx (MARKET NEWS)

Video Show Houston Police Officer Shot and Killed Unarmed Black Woman.

Houston Police officers was involved in a shootout at Baystown Texas after a routine patrol turned deadly near Houston when a police officer killed an unarmed woman. The deadly confrontation was all caught on cell phone video. The woman identified as Pamela Shantay Turner was shot and killed during an altercation with the police officer Monday night.

The black community is outraged at the killing, and many are calling it unjustified murder.

How it All Started

The officer was patrolling an apartment complex in the Houston suburb of Baytown late Monday night when he saw a woman he knew from previous encounters, Baytown police said.

Police said the officer knew the woman had an outstanding warrant and then attempted to arrest her, a shaky cell phone video captured the moment the officer tried to arrest the woman, the woman yelled at the officer

“I’m walking! I’m actually walking to my house!” the woman screams at him. She later says the officer is “harassing” her.”
The Houston Police released the following statements after the incident.

“The officer was “forced to deploy his taser” on the woman, but it wasn’t “effective,” Dorris said. The woman grabbed the taser and used it on the officer who was trying to arrest her.

The woman’s actions “forced the officer to draw his duty weapon and fire multiple rounds at the suspect who was struck at least one time,” Dorris said.”

What People are Saying

This is how the black community reacted to this news on twitter .

A couple of days I posted a video of a mother being beaten, tased by police in front of her 4 year old child in Atlanta Houston, Texas this woman was pregnant  OMG!!! My body aches…

Show this video every day in Houston. Let the World see the craven evil that was given a badge and a gun. 7 days a week. 52 weeks. Three times a day. Put the Mayor, Chief of Police and States Attorney on blast. Republican or Democrat. They was an execution by a evil racist man.

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