Colby Carter Omaha Death : Beloved Nebraska Model Passed Away

Omaha, Nebraska (MARKET NEWS)

Friends and relatives are mourning the death of Colby Carter of Omaha Nebraska. As at the time of this report the cause of her death has not been released to the general public.

According to her Facebook profile, Colby was Promotional model at Feel the Action. 

This is how her friends reacted to her passing on Facebook.

Tyler Smith

Rest in Peace Colby Carter. You sweet, poor, girl. Please be at peace, please be in solace, please be in the grace of the Lord.

You were one of the kindest souls. You are missed and loved.

Cory Nichols
??rest easy darling. Cant believe we were just talking bow your gone. RIP Colby Carter
Rick Espejo

My prayers are with you Colby Carter so sad to hear you’re gone with love RIP. I will always think of you when I watch the Pats..



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  1. I didn’t know you for very long but from what I know you had a very kind soul. We talked for hours about everything. You will be missued by many. Soar high baby girl…

  2. I don’t get it. You were literally just at my apartment hanging out. We were talking about the pats, brady, rex burkhead and screaming lil wayne songs back and forth like a legit duo. I spoke to your dad and talked military talk cuz i just had to talk to him according to you. Being a solder in war is by far easier than losing a child. I’m so sorry colby. You were just getting started in this life. Till we form again. NE DESIT VIRTUS
    You can smile and truly shine now. Rest easy my friend

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