Luke Johnson of Omaha Death: Music Lover From Nebraska Passed Away

By | May 10, 2019
Omaha, Nebraska (Market News)
Market News have learned of the passing of beloved music lover Luke Johnson of Omaha.
This is a developing story, we are yet to know the cause of his death and burial arrangements. This post will be updated once we have more information.
Moreover Friends of Johnson took to social media to celebrate the legacy of a man beloved by many. We captured some of the many tributes posted to honor him on Facebook.

R.i.p Luke Johnson

I remember going over to your house in high school and hanging out in your pool! We had some good memories as teenagers together who hadn’t experienced what real life was like quite yet.

Once we graduated we lost touch….

Then I saw you a few years ago and had so much fun catching up with you and Seth over a couple of drinks at 2 Fine Irish Men. It was a crazy night….I remember trying to get you to “wobble” haha

I was always following your music career on Facebook since then and always thought to myself, “Dang, he’s going to make it big! He’s so talented!” Your music touch many people’s lives as well as their hearts.

Your life was taken way too soon. You were such a great person and I’m fortunate to have known you, even if we did lose touch over the years. Rest easy buddy. My prayers go out to your wife and family. 

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