Jaquie Beckwith Death : Tribute to Chronically Jaquie

This is a Tribute to : Jaquie Beckwith .

In Loving Memory of Beloved Jaquie Beckwith who recently passed away.

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Please leave a kind and positive condolence message for Jaquie Beckwith friends and family  at the comment box below.

Rest in Peace


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  1. I am in shock. I had no idea that she had passed. She was so inspirational to many of us warriors. I am sad and my prayers go out to Judd, Harlow and all her family and friends. RIP sweetie. No more pain for you.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Jacquie has died. I was hoping that she would get well enough to leave the hospital and move to her new house. Poor Judd and Harlow.

  3. I was hoping that this was not true. My condolences go to Judd, Harlow, and friends and family. Completely heartbroken

  4. My daughter is 14 and wrote this tribute. Over the last few months, we had gotten close to Jaquie and this death has been hard on us, especially Abby. I’m so proud of her for getting her words out to honor an amazing young woman.

  5. Judd and Harlow I am so sorry. This was unexpected. My prayers are with you as Jaq is no longer in pain. She will be missed <3

    • What kind of person leaves a hate message on a tribute site for a lovely woman who struggled PHYSICALLY. She had an autoimmune disease and many other illnesses. And she has helped so many of us understand how to live fuller lives with our illnesses. All because she was brave enough to share her experiences. Now is not the time (is it ever time) to spout your crazed conspiracy theory that invisible illness is not real. Diabetes is also invisible. Do you say the same things to people with Diabetes? Thank you Jaquie for helping my daughter to see how to live a full life with illness.

  6. RIP sweet Jaquie, I know you are no longer in pain…we will miss you, thank you for all you have done for us all fighting the fight! God Bless Judd and Harlow…

  7. Blessings, prayers and wishing all the best in a hard time, I am in shock and as always will continue to pray.

  8. Sending Judd, Jaquie’s family, friends, & Hippo, hugs, & as much comfort as I can, from Australia-I just found out too, & I’m absolutely shattered. She only just signed house papers & told friends/fam how to support someone in hospital! I found out thru a post on “The Frey Life”. I have absolutely no idea what happened-she seemed to be looking like she was turning the corner! I’m totally lost, & completely confused-is this really true?! I can’t believe this!
    Let’s hope her incredible legacy of videos stay on YouTube for chronic illness warriors like us, & those that will come after us, forever. She gave us ALL such a valuable GIFT-each & every 1 of us-the information she provided to us…that she didn’t have to provide at all, that she did, for free-about chronic illness, how to seek answers-&-how to squeeze everything possible out of life (within your limits of course!!). 1 of the vids that comes to mind is the one about getting answers, being persistent, & getting the right team around you https://youtu.be/eG_YQwp6UFM-just to name 1-but there are SO many others that I could list!
    Social media is cruel-it’s 1 reason why I haven’t got the strength & courage to be posting videos of my own journey-Jaquie had that strength & courage to share, that I don’t-she put herself out there & on YouTube/socials, for the benefit of us.
    Please don’t listen to the negative-if the haters/negativity won’t go elsewhere, ignore them, because obviously, they have nothing better to do with their lives than to criticise, & spew hate. These people think & act like they are so much more than the rest of us-disguising themselves behind a keyboard/phone…but they are cowards! They usually do it because they feel inadequate, so they post criticism & hate, in search for attention & acknowledgement-the best thing we can ALL do, is to report it, & ignore these people. We all have only 1 life to live-it’s our own, with our OWN experiences, thoughts & feelings, etc. People should concentrate on this, & respect this, rather than tearing down/analysing/trying to discredit others who suffer with chronic illness-we each have enough to deal with that is visible/non visible to fellow warriors & the world-hate & negativity within our community is unnecessary!! I do care about what “specific” disease you have-but it’s not the be all & end all-what I care about most though is that we are all in the same boat together, that we all suffer, & that life is a huge challenge for most of us!! Let’s all build each other up, rather than tear each other down-& embrace all the different ways in which we get through each second, minute, hour-each day, because we often do it differently, &, as we all know, the next second can be a struggle! Let’s look after each other & make sure other warriors know we care + are in their corner, while we are here on this earth-because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Like Jaquie taught us, sharing can be of huge benefit-you may actually learn something from others, & make connections, which ultimately makes a huge impact in your life. I can’t even begin to list what Jaquie taught me! Not to mention the inspiration…she inspired so many of us-me included! I also just can’t even begin to think about how Judd, Jaquie’s Mom & Dad, family, Hippo & close friends would be feeling right now. If they ever see this, I hope they are comforted in some tiny, minute way, by the unbelievable strength, courage, tenacity, & bravery Jaquie displayed, & that Jaquie inspired over 135K chronic illness warriors in so many, endless, & countless ways…more so than they will ever probably know. If it wasn’t for Jaquie, some of us wouldn’t have ever known of what could be the reasons for our ongoing, painful, largely invisible, & lonely fight-which has gone on/went on, for many years-for some of us. Thanks to Jaquie, many of us now have a diagnosis-& feel a part of a community, which Jaquie had a huge part in building-& wouldn’t have happened without her support & encouragement from her YouTube channel/social media. I don’t think there could be more of a way, in which your beautiful girl, Jaquie, could have made any more of a positive impact on this world than what she accomplished in her 23 years of life. Rest In Peace Jaquie, fly free where pain, reactions, nausea, hospitalisations, procedures & fear can never ever find you, ever, ever, again.

  9. God has gained a another angel I am a chronic illness suffer as well and just heard the sad news I used to watch all her YouTube videos and get so much inspiration from her rest in paradise angel no more pain now for you beautiful angel sending all my prayers to judd hippo and her family and friends all the way from the uk

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