Dick Rivers Death : French Rock singer dies of cancer

By | April 24, 2019


French Rock singer Dick Rivers have passed away following a battle against cancer, according to a statement released on twitter by his manager Denis Sabouret .   

Hervé Forneri, known as Dick Rivers, is a French rock singer, born April 24, 1945 in Nice France, and died April 24, 2019 in Paris. During his fifty-five year career, he recorded 33 studio albums and 3 live albums.

First known as one of the members of the “Wild Cats” group, Dick Rivers, Hervé Forneri of his real name, had quickly turned to a solo career in the early 1960s.

With over fifty years of career behind him, the French crooner will remain one of the faces of French rock (along with Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell ) .

He also owed his stage name to one of the idols of America in those years: Dick Rivers was the name of the character played by Elvis Presley in the movie “Loving you” (or “Frenzied Love”, depending on the version).



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