Ken Kercheval Death : Actor who played Cliff Barnes on “Dallas” Passed Away

Clinton, Indiana ( MARKET NEWS)

We have now confirmed the death of actor Ken Kercheval.

Yesterday we reported what looked like a rumor trending on social media that Actor who played Cliff Barnes on “Dallas” TV series Passed Away. 

The news was first reported by Daily Clintonian,  a local news agency based in Clinton Indiana.

One of the publishers of Daily Clintonian contacted us with the following statement to confirm the news to be true.

There is a terrible slander going on right now of certain people saying that the newspaper I work for, The Daily Clintonian is perpetrating a fraud saying that the actor who played Cliff Barnes on the TV series Dallas is dead. I will testify to anyone that it is a fact and not a hoax, Ken Kercheval died on Sunday, April 21, 2019 at his residence. Anyone who does not believe me can contact the Funeral Director of Frist Funeral Home in Clinton, Indiana at the following phone number:765-832-3511. I personally overheard Clay Mack, the Funeral Home owner speaking to my employer George B. “Sonny” Carey about his death and the accusations that his family is making that he is still alive. Clay Mack confirmed that he is dead.

The Publisher have also confirm this news to be true in the following message posted on twitter .

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