Grace and Mark Minor Divorce led to the shooting of their kids Ross and Ryan Minor

By | April 23, 2019

North Carolina, (Market News)

Remember the story of a Charlotte, NC man who shot his children , killing one instantly because his wife attempted to divorce him.

A Union County man attempted to kill his children before taking his own life after violence from a past relationship led his wife to file for divorce to separate from him.

Mark Minor and his Wife Grace Minor have been going through some challenges in their marriage as a result of a past relationship involving the man.

Mark came back home and found his children Ryan and Ross sleeping, and then decided its the right time to carry out a murder suicide, he shot his son Ryan and his brother Ross, then killed himself.

The two children was transported to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, where 10-year-old Ryan Minor died and his brother in critical condition , they had both been shot in the head.

Here is a video clip of Ross Minor the only surviving son of Grace and Mark Minor. In this Vidoe Mark shared the story of what happened in details. The incident left Ross Minor totally blind.

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