Dani Troyer Death: Beloved Missionary to Haiti Passed Away

By | April 22, 2019

Texas, April 22nd 2019.

Dani Rhea Troyer , a selfless woman who dedicated her life to the service and well being of others have passed away.

She left her home , Texas to Haiti , to help the people of Haiti rebuild after the earthquake.  She and her family spent nine years in Haiti , she passed away April 20th 2019.

Troyer is a mother of two children and a wife. She will be remembered for all the good works she did.

Here is a link to GoFundMe account to help her family that is still in Haiti with travel expenses and memorial expenses. She was loved by many and will never, ever be forgotten. Her legacy and her story will live forever.

We don’t know her cause of death at the moment.

Here is a tribute posted to honor her legacy on Facebook.

By Rebecca Barlow

Heaven gained an absolute GEM of a woman yesterday, Dani Troyer, when you arrived on its shores. I am still stunned and silent at the thought of all that is left in the wake of your departure…for your precious family, your vision and dreams for creating respect-filled jobs in Haiti…

The larger than life love and laughter you brought, your heart warming smile, words of truth, affirmation, encouragement and wisdom will all be missed dearly by me and the many whose lives you touched day in and day out.

I mourn never running into each other at the market or at a gathering of friends, watching you love on your family, especially your sweet boys, with joy and patience… never sitting together again to chat, either in person or via msg over women’s health, providing the best medical care possible for your employees, Haiti business owner stuff, mom stuff, life stuff, girl stuff, God stuff…words just aren’t enough. You are one of the most genuine people I have ever known.

You are missed and loved.

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