Justice For Madhu : Civil Engineering Student Brutally Murdered in India

By | April 18, 2019

India, April 18th 2019

In a recent case in raichur district, karnataka, India where a young girl was raped and brutally murdered, the killing of the girl simply identified as Mahdu have angered so many people in India especially human right activists.

Before her death, Mahdu was a civil engineering student with a bright future, according to a change.com petition created online, calling on the Government to apprehend her killers.

She was studying Civil Engineering in Navodaya Engineering College Raichur. This Incident happened on Saturday 13-04-2019, and her dead body was found 6km away from the college.

The activist who created the online petition claimed that Indian Police and prominent people who may have been bribed by the perpetrators are trying to close the case as suicide, even though the body of Mahdu was found hanged on a tree in the middle of a forest after three days of searching. She was said to have been raped and burnt to death while being hung on a three.

Over fifty thousand people so far have already signed the petition on change.com , here  is a link to the online  petition. https://www.change.org/p/karnataka-police-justice-for-madhu?use_react=false


3 thoughts on “Justice For Madhu : Civil Engineering Student Brutally Murdered in India

  1. Pooja sanganagoudra

    May her soul in rest in peace…. I hope such horrible incidents should not happen with anyone girl

  2. raj

    Find those guys and castrate them.. throw them on the street and let the Public judge…..


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